HSU Wants To Drink With You

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, March 6, 2014 @ 9:12 a.m. /

Humboldt State's 100th year has been quite a doozy.

In case you've been in a cave, HSU is nearing the end of a year-long victory lap, locally and nationally.

The centennial roadshow continues to bring HSU alumni together in places like Austin and Chicago; they threw a massive parade and plaza party in the fall, and now you're invited to drink with them at Humbrews March 8th.

Because seriously, you can't celebrate like a Humboldter without custom craft beer.

So HSU convinced some of our local brewers to concoct a beverage worthy of the school's legacy.

HSU's Courtney Haraldson joined us in the noon today hour to elaborate.

Also on the centennial front, HSU's big Alumni Centennial Roadshow Finale event hits the Arcata Theatre Lounge March 22nd.

And to close down their 100th birthday, check out the Centennial "Founders Day" Finale on April 25th.

Happy 100th, HSU. Thanks for the economic and intellectual boost.