FOLLOWUP: We Talked To The Hobo

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, March 25, 2014 @ 2:51 p.m. / Deep Web, Homelessness, KHUM

Former Arcata Plaza hobo* Wearedoctors (a.k.a. Steven Shafer), talked to KHUM today.

Thrill to his tales about:


This frank discussion meandered from the simple logistics of homeless to hitchhiking tips (average thumb time: five minutes). Shafer acknowledged that the homeless community is a pastiche of travelers, addicts, the unemployed, and the mentally ill, and that he was on the more fortunate side of that spectrum.

Shafer said he is currently employed in Austin, Texas. He recently started a website to address the torrent of questions unleashed after his Reddit AMA.

He adds that this adventure taught him to be "as awesome as possible... as soon as possible."

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* the term "hobo" is used here respectfully, or at least non-pejoratively