Did You Want To Drive Humboldt's First Electric BMW? Because You Can

KHUM, Radio Without the Rules / Thursday, June 5, 2014 @ 10:14 a.m. /

We did. And we're broadcasting live from McKinleyville right now. 

It's no secret that Humboldt loves it some alternatively-fueled cars. And why wouldn't we? Our gas prices are insane, and our commutes are typically pretty short. 

If you believe state data, March's hugely succesful  electric car test-drive tripled the number of electric vehicle (EV) sales in Humboldt County. 


So the first BMW i3 in Humboldt touched down this week, and looky-loos have been checking it out from the very moment it parked on the lot. If you want ton drive the future now, get on board since signups are filling up fast. 


Thursday from 10am-2pm, KHUM will broadcast live from McKinleyville's BMW Of Humboldt Bay (1795 Central Ave) alongside the Redwood Coast Energy Authority

According to Inside EV, the BMW i3's debut has gone exceptionally well. 

"The BMW i3 set the US record for most plug-ins sold in the first month of availability, narrowly edging out the Chevy Volt’s 3.5 year old figure."

But what's the range? What's this about using sustainably-harvested swampgrass and eucalyptus in the interior? Is the cabin big enought? What's with the thin tires? Do those doors actually open backwards?

Tune in Thursday to find out how KHUM's test drive of the BMW i3 went, and come out to BMW of Humboldt Bay between 10a-2pm to see for yourself.