Look At This Treehouse

Mike Dronkers / Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 @ 11:31 a.m. / Humboldt

On January 31st, get a look at what may be Humboldt's most opulent treehouse.

A production crew from Animal Planet's reality show 'Treehouse Masters' was in town in December documenting the construction of the Trinidad-area hideout.

We're told you can actually see it from 101, but you know, keep your eyes on the road. 

KHUM spoke with Mirador Glass's Bryan Raskin, who made the lights at his McKinleyville glassblowing studios. Raskin said the treehouse is livable (3:08):

"It has running water, electricity, a bathroom, a shower...

The bathroom is on a different platform and uses a composting toilet."

The treehouses featured on the show are the work of Pete Nelson, who's made a living as a treehouse construction specialist.

Raskin noted that according to the Washington-based builder's website, the average cost for an out-of-state treehouse is $100,000.

Listen to Raskin's KHUM interview below:


Via AnimalPlanet.com

Sky-high Redwood Retreat

Premieres Friday, January 31, at 10 p.m.

A nature-loving woman in Humboldt County, California, asks Pete and his crew to build a treehouse that pushes their skills to the limit. She feels cramped in her home and wants a permanent residence 60 feet up in the area’s giant redwood trees. Pete and crew take the comforts of home to new heights in this bohemian-chic, tri-level treehouse, which boasts a bathroom, lounge and bedroom loft spread out throughout three floors with low-hanging lights, tapestries, module furniture and an overall genie-in-a-bottle aesthetic. The owner dreams of being able to see the Pacific Ocean from her cozy forest perch atop the redwood canopy, and Pete knows that he and his crew are the only ones who can deliver!