In Studio: Devil Makes Three

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, Feb. 5 @ 10:28 a.m.

KHUM is thrilled and surprised that Devil Makes Three still reply to our emails, but they do because they are good people in a great band.

DM3 has come a long way since playing Muddy Waters and getting thrown out of town by law enforcement: they owned the Mateel last night, and tonight's Van Duzer show is sold out (because again, they're a great band.)

Please enjoy their thoughts on Kid Rock's cruise, the Arcata Police Department, and totally NOT having five pounds of Columbian cocaine stashed in Lucia's collapsible bass.  

Audio here

[Photo: @AndrewEliGoff]

Need more DM3? Check out this 2007 DM3 set from KHUM's Meet Me In The Morning


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