In Studio: El Radio Fantastique

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, April 3, 2014 @ 4:38 p.m. /



Well, that was a three-ring dumpster fire. You'll hear it. 

Behold the irreverent cacophony of El Radio Fantastique tonight at the Arcata Playhouse. It's a benefit for EPIC.  They brought the clankiest sound to the KHUM studio this afternoon.

Podcast here

"Like a peculiar music box from a forgotten dime museum, the eight-member revue contains nearly two dozen instruments, including accordions, theremins and whistles led by giant marching drums and glockenspiel. And no industrious orchestra should be without junk percussion and a jaw harp. Vintage elements of klezmer fused with big band rumba conjure up old-time circus freaks, fire dancers and burlesque."

 - Jaquelynne Ocana, North Bay Bohemian, November 2012