KHUM Debate Club: Street Justice

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, April 3, 2014 @ 10:09 a.m. /


Verdict: The jury ruled in favor of Listener X, but were overturned by Judge Trask. 
Summary: After tepid arguments, questionable forensics and unnecessary use of the Law and Order Theme, Judge Larry Trask ultimately overturned the jury's 11-1 in favor of Listener X. 
His honor decreed that while Driver Y was clearly endangering other drivers in her rush to Starbucks, Driver X's actions reached a level of socially unacceptable confrontation, regardless of his pro-social intent. 
Enrich your life. Listen to Judge Trask's noble-but-stunning oratory, starting about 21:20ish in. 
Goff: 1 / Dronkers: 0

This morning, KHUM Listener X says he was driving the limit on Myrtle Avenue in Eureka when another driver, Driver Y, passed him in the shared turning lane, the so-called 'suicide lane.' 

This was preceded by Driver Y allegedly tailgating Listener X four feet off his bumper. Driver Y then allegedly pulled into Starbucks. Listener X says that he sees her pull in, and follows her into the coffee shop. Listener X testifies that he told her:

"Big hurry, huh? That is a horrible way to drive. You're putting people at risk with that shit. You ought to be ashamed of yourself."

He also said:

"I was not overly aggressive about it. I didn't get in her face or block her path at all. Just said my piece and left."

Listener X says she muttered something unintelligible, and then he then drove home to report the driver's actions to CHP.

Today at noon, KHUM Debate Club resumes with Andrew Goff taking the side of "Meh, let it go." I will argue from the viewpoint of Listener X.

For you to decide: Did this alleged infraction warrant this reaction? Is Listener X a Citizen Hero or Vigilante Maniac?

Jury selection is finished. If you want to be a juror, just email studio@khum.com with the subject heading "juror."

(Graphic is a artist's rendition, obviously.)