In Studio: DJ Mantease

Mike Dronkers / Friday, April 18, 2014 @ 10:05 a.m. / In Studio

Today at 12:15ish, DJ Mantease returned to the Mid Day Dance Party. WORK! He and the Soul Night DJs get down tonight for Soul Night XXX: The Dirty Thirty at Humbrews. Expect world beat, funk, chicha, cumbia, and deep-crate worldbeat. 

Listen below. Sure, he spins good records. But he also knows a lot about old-timey barber tradition. 



Tunji oyelana - Ifa
Yugo High - Semi Colon
Haiti direct les Animateures - Ti Machine
Marcia Griffiths - Tell me now
Cal Tjader -Tanya
The Tonettes - I'll give to you
Roots Chicha, Manzanita - El Hueleguiso
Semba Brogues - Os Korimbas
Slim Ali & the Famous Hodi Boys- Watoto Nyra
Jennifer Lara - Consider Me
Analog Africa 0 La Motilona - Los Alegres Diablos

Michigan an Smiley - Nice Up Dance
Anibal Velasquez - Mambo Loco
Bunzu Sounds - Zinabu
Bell'a Njoh- Ebolo
Dionisio Maio- Corpim Sabe
Horace Andy happiness

Los Silvertones - El Baile De La Arana
Andre tanker B - Swahili
Za zu Wally Cox +8
George Guzman - Lazy Boogaloo
Ebo Taylor - Heaven
Johnny Clarke - Rebel Soldiering 

Abelardo Carbonó Palenque

Hoptone Lewis Take it Easy