Homeless "Bunkers" Found During Routine Beach Cleanup

Mike Dronkers / Monday, April 14, 2014 @ 1:07 p.m. /

On Saturday, the PacOut Green Team volunteers say they were doing their regular weekly cleanup when they happened upon these shelters dug into the dunes. One shelter even featured a subterranean swing (above).

Interestingly, you can see what looks like a homeless camp in the cleanup area on Google Earth

According to Aaron Ostrom [via the group's Facebook page]:

"More photos of the underground homeless bunkers and grave site. I walked on top of the bunker not knowing what it was. I thought it was a sand dune until it gave way a little bit."


"The location is right across the street from the big white round water tower as you are heading to the North Jetty.

What pictures you didn't see were the three 20 x 20 areas with trash that were around the bunkers. Needles, porn magazines, porn DVD's, w's clothing (underwear, nighties, etc)."

This grave caused some concern, says Ostrom. He says they called they Sheriff's office, who later determined to the grave to be a cat's final resting place.

The PacOut Green Team meets every weekend for quick cleanups around the Humboldt Bay area. 

According to their Facebook page:

"We get together every Saturday at different locations around the county to remove as much litter as possible. Typically our weekly cleanups are 60 minutes long. We understand that people have lives and that time is limited for most people. Prizes supplied by Pacific Outfitters are awarded to cleanup volunteers every week, and everyone is encouraged to join us."