KHUM Dune Week - Highlighting the Dunes & Their Friends

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013 @ 8:48 a.m. /




Your coastal dunes may be the the most action-packed habitat in the county.

From the brisk foredune to the serene wetlands further inland, the dunes of Manila are among the most pristine on earth. And through decades of restoration work by your friends and neighbors, they're getting even better. 

They're home to two federally-listed endangered species, as well as sitka Spruce, pacific tree frogs, huckleberries, hiveless bees... the list goes on and on

Starting Monday, September 9th, KHUM embarks on a fun week of roadshows from the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center and Wildberries Marketplace. It's the most visual week on the radio!

If we're doing it right, you should be able to convince your out-of-town friends that you minored in Dune Stuff by that Friday. 

KHUM will be joined by Friends of the Dunes, as well as friends of Friends of the Dunes. We'll bring you scientists, storytellers, educational props, dune lore, and more. It's a wild, wild place out there, your dunes happen to be exceptionally well cared for. 

[Before/after photo: US Fish/Wildlife Service]