(UPDATING) Arcata Zombie Watch 2013

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013 @ 12:42 p.m. / Humboldt

UPDATE, 1:48pm. It looked like this. Thanks to Addie for the picture.

UPDATE, 1:18 pm: Zombino preview. 

UPDATE, 12:56 pm: KHUM Listener Lance reports that the Arcata Plaza dancing prophecy is coming to pass. 


UPDATE, 12:49 pm: Zombies are boarding the bus in an orderly fashion.

# # #

12:42 pm: As was foretold on today's Lowdown, zombie sightings are coming to us from Arcata. First report: Zombies got off school buses at Murphy's in Sunny Brae (see below).

[PS - What is the scientific term for juvenile zombies?]

Thanks to KHUM listener "Macho Dan" in Arcata for the photo.  

Thanks to KHUM listener Holly for the photo

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