In Studio: Upside Drown & Will Sprott

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 @ 8:42 a.m. / In Studio

Oakland's Upside Drown made their KHUM debut alongside Will Sprott (formerly of Mummers). Many a compliment were passed along to the musicians, who dressed up. For the radio. Other bands, take note.

Will Sprott with Upside Drown: stoney doo-wop and unearthly harmony. [Note: there is a very, very wierd pitch filter on Sprott's mic at the beginning. This was an engineering flaw. The mp3 is NOT HAUNTED.]


Upside Drown [Sprottless]: All the odd time signatures you deserve. Also, some talk about spooky woods and Deception Pass. 


Their show at Siren's Song was both excellent and seasonally appropriate. 



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