Coastal Currents: Chasing Orcæ

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013 @ 11:54 a.m. /

Jeff Jacobsen is associate faculty member at Humboldt State University but chases whales for fun, and occasionally commits science on them with the help NOAA. Jacobsen cruises our coast in a Wing inflatable deflatable chasing these amazing animals. 

Not to name-drop, but he totally knows some of the famous K-pod whales. And that whale pictured above, the one that washed up on Centerville Beach? He's got its whole skeleton. 

In this episode of Coastal Currents, Jessica Hall, Jacobson, and yours truly discuss:

Coastal Currents episode

There's some discussion of Sea World in today's show. For some unfettered, non-science-talk Sea World ranting, check out this op-ed in The Read. Start at the end, near 1:11:20. Real talk ensues, NSFW.