UPDATING: Is That The Eel River?

Mike Dronkers / Friday, Nov. 1, 2013 @ 11:48 a.m. / Music

UPDATE 3:13 - He's been described as a "pagan voodoo cultist," but it's looking like Greacen's assertion might have legal traction. Potential violations include the Endangered Species Act (if certain species were present), pollution, and alteration of stream bed, bank or channel.

So it looks like the riverbar is not a legal no-man's land after all, and the potential fines are pricey. That song is enormously catchy, but is it catchy enough to keep Mendo's Fish & Wildlife people from acting? 

[Also, it says here even off-roaders need to buckle up. Borrrring.] 


UPDATE 12:30 - It seems to be the Eel. Lost Coast Outpost's Andrew Goff did some sleuthing. More info coming.  


Ukiah-born McKenna Faith's latest video shows a good 'ol time being had on a riverbar in Cali-plated trucks. It's been alleged (very loosely, and anonymously at that) that the video was shot on the banks of our Eel River.

Joyless, America-hating Friends Of The Eel honcho Scott Greacen tells KHUM that while it's unlikely any salmon eggs were crushed during the making of the video, getting one's truck stuck in the river "does no favors to the fish." Also, the river has it hard enough.

That said, Greacen could not confirm that the video in question was shot on the Eel. Listen to his depraved screed below.