Coastal Currents: The Local Boat That Fought Nukes

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, May 8, 2013 @ 11:28 a.m. /

This week on Coastal Currents, Chuck DeWitt returns to update us on one of Humboldt Bay's most storied watercraft.

The Golden Rule was used in the 1950's to protest nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean. Protesters put themselves in harm's way and in doing so paved the way for modern-day environmental protest.

Today, the boat resides in a dry dock across the bay from Eureka. Veterans for peace are working to restore it. 

More info on the Golden Rule on a previous episode of Coastal Currents here. Photos below the jump. Follow the boat's progress on Facebook here. 

"The mission of the Golden Rule Project of Veterans for Peace (VFP) is to repair, restore and renovate the famous sailing ketch, the Golden Rule. This little ship was sailed by four brave crewmen, led by Albert Bigelow, in an attempt to stop atmospheric nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.  They were boarded by the US Coast Guard, arrested, and the boat towed back to Honolulu, twice."