Queens Shun Berrypicker And Crown A New Queen

Cliff Berkowitz / Sunday, May 19, 2013 @ 9:33 a.m. / Event

Last night we all enjoyed a GLORIOUS Rutabaga Ball at Arcata's Portuguese Hall. History was made on several counts. First off, the contestant of controversy (henceforth only referred to by his "real" name) John Post was a no show, therefore a good time was had by all! Nonetheless, Her royal Imperial Empress (Denise Ryles) read her proclamation stripping him of both all titles (no longer a princess) and his moniker of "BerryPicker." You can listen below.

Our legitimate contestants for Rutabaga Queen were all spectacular, and we (Cliff & Amy) were happy not be be in the position to judge the winner. Both "Nawdy" and "Tootie Rolls" did a wonderful job with a great deal of crowd support of all. Ultimately, Lady Luck was crowned Queen. (It just shows that coming and doing an interview on KHUM on Larry's show the day before the ball IS a good idea!) Cliff spoke to the Queen just after the coronation and the interview is below.

Once the judges had made their decision, we called the contestants up to the stage along with Queen Sohotshe Burns. Traditionally the reining Rutabaga Queen crowns her successor. Once the crown was presented to the person we thought was Queen Sohotshe, the real queen came hobbling out from back stage. She had been tied up so that the impostor could take the crown! The real queen confronted her doppelganger who said, "I am not your evil twin sister, I am your father!" A fitting way to end her rein considering Queen Sohotshe is an international soap opera star.

For more glorious photos, click here.