Tonight's Cocktail - Kir Royale

Larry Trask / Tuesday, May 14, 2013 @ 6 a.m. /


"I am handed wine as a child is given milk.
It is presented in a delicate glass
with a round bowl and a thin lip.
The wine itself is pitch-colored, musty and secret.
The Glass rises on its own toward my mouth
and I notice this and understand this
only because it has happened." -- From "For the Year of the Insane," 1963. Anne Sexton

Anne Sexton didn't start writing poetry until she was in her late 20s, but within 12 years of taking up the pen, she was a Pulitzer Prize winner and among America's most honored poets.

She also enjoyed a drink. After a writing class she was taking at Boston University taught by Robert Lowell, Sexton and classmate Sylvia Plath would head to the Ritz Carlton to sip cocktails. According to Plath, Sexton would park in the hotel's loading zone, explaining that the duo intended to get loaded.

In Sexton's honor, tonight we'll be enjoying the classic and classy kir royale, a champagne-based drink.

Kir Royale

0.5 oz creme de cassis
Lemon twist

Pour champagne into a chilled champagne flute.  Lightly drizzle in cassis.  Garnish with lemon twist.