Coastal Currents: Buried Urban Creeks See Daylight

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, May 1, 2013 @ 11:47 a.m. /

Today on Coastal Currents, Ann L. Riley discusseD "creek daylighting." Early civil engineers and city planners didn't seem to mind covering up creeks during urban expansion. Their goal was to get the water out of the city as quickly and directly as possible, often by sticking the creek in an underground culvert.

Result? Habitat destruction, lowered water quality, and urban flooding. 

Riley talked about some success stories (El Cerrito's Baxter creek, below) and how it applies to us here in Ferndale, where Francis Creek's confinement is tied to flooding and habitat degradation.  

Also on today's Coastal Currents, Miles Slattery from the City of Eureka talked about the May Day Cleanup and afterparty.