Constitutional Myths And The Smell of Old Books

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, March 27, 2013 @ 11:07 a.m. / Book Author

There is no more enigmatic document in modern government than the US Constitution. Since ratification, its authorial intention has been appropriated by both progressives and conservatives to further their own agendae.

In his new book "Constitutional Myths", historian/Humboldter Ray Raphael examines the Constitution in the context of the framers' day, and how it relates to American life in a changed world.  

He spoke with KHUM about fusty old book smell, framers' views on income tax, and if we should take Thomas Jefferson's advice and routinely rip up the Constitution. 

Raphael audio 

Raphael will present Constitutional Myths at Northtown Books on Friday at 7pm.

“In his latest populist reality check, Raphael demonstrates how objectively studying the original broken political system lends insight into ours. Take off your rose-colored glasses, people: The Founding Fathers embraced a strong federal government, at the risk of falling into anarchy and disintegration. Therein lies the kernel of the author’s readable demystification of some of the ongoing crusades by conservatives touting the supremacy of “originalism.” … With documents amply provided at the close of the text, Raphael provides a truly accessible teaching tool.” – Kirkus Reviews