Guitar Not Stolen On Arcata's Eye Street Last Night

Andrew Goff / Thursday, June 6, 2013 @ 12:43 p.m. / :)

In recent weeks Arcata's Eye Street has been bad news central. So when your Lost Coast Outpost saw a post pop up on Facebook from Absynth Quintet drummer/Eye Street correspondent/all around good dude Mike Tofu Schwartz, due to the unfortunate location of his domicile, we knew that something catastrophic had to be up.

Let your eyes quickly scan the following:

Super bummer, right?

Now, it's bagel day down at Lost Coast Communications, so maybe we were a bit distracted but all we, the almost mainstream media, saw was "Eye Street," "left my guitar on the sidewalk all night" and "ALL bad." The narrative is clear: that guitar has gotta be goneski.

We sprung into action. This is one of those occasions when it's good to have the power of the airwaves on your side. KHUM DJ Mike Dronkers was graciously willing to interrupt his tribute to Jackyl set so that we could get Tofu Mike on the phone in the hopes that further description of the instrument and the incident may assist in a joyous, albeit unlikely, reunion. 

The following KHUM audio features a cold call to a clearly delirious Tofu Mike who seems to be in denial about the events of the previous evening:

Tofu Consumed

Hmm. After relistening to that, I guess its possible that we might have some actual good news on our hands here! So to recap: 1) Do not be on the lookout for Tofu Mike's guitar. 2) Well, actually that might cover it!

Have a better day, HumCo. 

UPDATE: Oh no! The guitar is on Craigslist right here!

(Above: Safe and sound soundmaker.)