Coastal Currents: Landlord Of The Sea

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, June 5, 2013 @ 11:48 a.m. /

Great White Encounter is a documentary that recounts the aftermath of Scott Stephens's shark encounter back in October. The movie premieres at Ocean Night at the Arcata Theater Lounge at 6:30. 

“Good luck telling mom” were surfer Scott Stephens last words to his sister before heading into surgery following a massive shark attack by a great white on October 30th of last year. Of course that is funny now – because we know that, not only did Scott survive the attack, but he has completely recovered. This story could have had a completely different and more tragic ending if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking and action of several surfers who were on the beach that day. This story is being told for the first time in a locally produced film entitled Great White Encounter: The Scott Stephens Story. Local film makers include Michael McClimon, Ted Okell, Jennifer Bell and Robert Stoneman. “