Wha? Sandsculpting At Wildberries?

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, June 19, 2013 @ 3:22 p.m.

You've been waiting for this, and now you can finally check "urban sandcastling" off your bucket list! [Image is totes fake.] 

From Wildberries Marketplace:

This Saturday morning, a section of the Wildberries parking lot will be loaded with sand and local volunteers will be designing a sand sculpture in order to hype the upcoming Sand Sculpture Festival at the Manila Dunes on June 29th! A big thank you also to McKenny's Do-It-Best Building Center, Wes Green Landscaping, and Friends of the Dunes for making this happen!

Teams for the June 29th event can sign up at http://www.friendsofthedunes.org/sand_sculpture_festival/.

Building can begin as early as 8am.

Best viewing for spectators is expected between noon and 3pm. Enjoy!



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