Arcata's Yaklash

Mike Dronkers / Friday, June 14, 2013 @ 1:28 p.m. /

The yak-escorting individuals who roam Arcata's streets have left a negative impression on many of those who dare approach them. They might not be the friendliest folk, we're told. 

Enter local comedian Joe Whiskers-Deschaine, who suggests that Arcata troll these guys.

"These guys like to swear and yell at anyone who asks them about their yaks. I hate that bullshit. There was a lady in my hometown that would go off on anyone who asked about her pet pig she took for walks on a leash. Don't do something that you KNOW stands out, then lose your shit on people who inquire about said something. 

I think everyone should print these out and put  them on every corkboard and telephone pole in town."