Tonight's Cocktail - Shandygaff

Larry Trask / Tuesday, June 11, 2013 @ 1:03 p.m. / Cocktail

I suppose this one's not technically a cocktail. And, at first glance, it may not be something that you technically want to drink. I know I was not looking forward to my first sip, but actually?  It's not bad at all and it's a good drink to have when you're trying to keep things under control because there's not a ton of alcohol in this thing.  This thing is a Shandygaff and it contains but two ingredients:  ginger ale and beer.

Ick, right?  But I swear it's not ick, really.  It's rather refreshing.  I use the fancy ginger ale because it has a lot more bite than Schwepp's or whatever.  Conversely, on the beer end I use either a lager or amber ale because I don't want hops to overpower the ginger.  


8 oz. lager or amber ale
8 oz. beer

Pour beer into a chilled pint glass and add ginger ale.