UPDATED - Crabs: Awful Umping, Awesome Jumping

Mike Dronkers / Sunday, July 7, 2013 @ 9:04 p.m. / Humboldt Crabs

UPDATE 7/8/13: Video of The Catch!  You can almost taste the magic of the moment. 

Keep your eye on second base as Caleb Wood dives sideways. The Catch itself is hard to see, but the Crabs rush the field while the opponents do what losers sometimes do.





[Sixth in our series of majestic sports coverage. Abstract: Terrible call robs Crab Saturday, genuinely thrilling finale on Sunday. Lots of Crab history coming up this week, also 80's Nite]

This weekend's opponents, Top Speed, came to Arcata leading the Far West League but left humbled and thrashed.

Your Crabs are now in first place after taking three of four in the series, which serves the opposition right for wearing those one-size-fits-some T-shirt jerseys [above] during game four. Show some respect for yourselves and the game, Top Speed. 

Also, the THEATRICAL PUFFERY of the Top Speed coaches was as comically bizarre as it was impotent, so... win/win.

Home runs and stunningly bad calls defined this series.

On Saturday, the Crabs knocked one right into southbound 101, plainly inside the left field line. The ump wrongly called it foul, then later changed into a different shirt, then fled the field (one hopes). 

Now, someone at work is going to ask you about Caleb Wood's game-ending catch today. Nod affirmatively and say that you heard it was epic. With the winning run at bat and one out, Top Speed cracked a solid line drive to second. Wood leapt maybe seven feet [not pictured], landed on his belly and still turned two, ending Top Speed's late-game offensive. This neutral reporter literally jumped out of his seat. Seriously. It was bonkers. 

IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE: Ever wondered "Do former Crabs ever get famous?"  Over 1,200 athletes have worn the Crabs uniform over the last 69 seasons. A small slice of these brothers-from-other-mothers return to Arcata to re-bask in the bright fog and neverending resplendency that only Crabdom brings.

Alumni Weekend kicks off Friday with KWPT 80's Nite (dress tubularly), followed by events highlighting the post-Crabs success of notable players.  The Crabs Hall Of Fame induction ceremony is between the games on Saturday. Show up and give these princes their propers. 

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