Armchair Entrepreneurs: What Would You Put In The Figueiredos Building?

Mike Dronkers / Monday, Jan. 28, 2013 @ 12:40 p.m. / Amateur Hour

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Think about it. You've got Wildberries across the street, a laundromat next door with people just sitting around, it's close to campus and Northtown. You've got tons of foot traffic and visibility. So what would YOU do? 

So what does Arcata need? Some say Arcata's got retail holes to fill. For instance, everyday underwear and socks can be difficult to buy downtown. 

Leave your suggestions below, and we'll pick a winner at 2pm today.

[Disclosure: I'm sad Figs is closing. I spent thousands of hours among friendly Arcatans there over the years. This is not sanctioned, and has nothing to do with the people who own Arcata/Mck Figueiredos. They were beyond nice to me when I worked there, and they've been great to this community. - MD]