In Studio: Motherlode

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 @ 9:36 a.m. /

Motherlode is the gritty sound of a 10-piece funktrain. Inspired by 70's soundtrack funk, James Browns JB's, Afrobeat and more.  This session, as you'll hear, sets two new KHUM records. One is 'Most Band Members Crammed In The Studio.' The other, we couldn't have predicted.

They play at the Jambalaya on Saturday. Not only will Free Rain make their debut as the opening band, but the rumors you've heard about lasers are true.

Via Facebook:

Motherlode Drummer PC's birthday bash! We will be recording this show and videotaping it as well. Come be a part of a great time! Opening the show will be the World Premier of Free Rain featuring members of The Nucleus and Moogot2. This will be an incredible night of local music!

In this session, find out which band member loves pie, who drives the cheapest car, and which 70's rock band also counts as Dungeons and Dragons. We will also re-broadcast this session for KHUM Encores on Saturday for those listeners who are allergic to internet. (Clearly, this doesn't concern you). 

Motherlode live on KHUM