Radio Ping Pong: Jen Savage

Mike Dronkers / Friday, Jan. 18, 2013 @ 12:36 p.m. /


Today at noon, prestigious KSLG and KHSU alum Jen Savage will bring a vintage suitcase full of LPs and CDs upstairs to KHUM's PING PONG STADIUM.

She and I will serve up alternating songs until 2pm, at which point one DJ will emerge victorious and the other will bring eternal shame to their family. 

UPDATE: NAME JEN'S COAT (at left). Leave your comments below or email to mike at k hum dot know you the rest. The best name for the coat earns you 'KHUM'S HONORARY LISTENER OF THE DAY.'

We'll also praise the virtue of Underwater Parks Day, which is tomorrow. (If you haven't got Jen anything yet, she's registered at The Neighborhood surf shop in Arcata). Also, some of the above is made up.