Boiled Pork Dumplings

Amy Berkowitz / Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013 @ 12:58 p.m. / Food

This is a traditional dish for the Chinese New Year feast. It's name, Jiaozi, harkens to the meaning of the first syllable meaning both family and home. These are one of the "lucky" foods found at a New Year feast.


1 package of round dumpling wrappers (like for pot stickers)


1 small Napa Cabbage (shredded)

3/4 Lb Ground Pork

1 bunch Green Onions

1 Tsp Fresh Ginger (plus more for dipping sauce)

3 Tbs Toasted Sesame Oil

1 Tsp Rice Wine (or Sherry)

3 Tbs Dark Soy Sauce (you can use regular, but it tastes different)


Combine the Pork, ground Ginger, Soy, Rice Wine and the diced White part of the Green Onions and mix together. Then add the Cabbage and mix again.

Place about 1/2 Tsp into the center of a wrapper. Use cold water to seal the edges making it look like a pot sticker. Get all the air out, or your dumplings will explode when you cook them.

Set on a tray without touching each other until ready to cook.

Boil 8 cups water in a large pot. Place dumplings into boiling water and stir carefully with a spoon to keep them from sticking. Add 2/3 cup cold water and bring to boil again. Then add 1/3 cup cold water and boil for a third time. Remove cooked dumplings and drain. Serve with dipping sauce (to follow)


Dipping Sauce:

1/4 cup Soy Sauce

2 Tsp Sesame Oil

2 Tbl Rice Vinegar

2 Tbl Fresh Ginger (finely julienned)

2 Tbl Green Onion (green part finely sliced)