Coastal Currents: Author Jon Humboldt Gates

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013 @ 9:36 a.m. /

According to the literary/cultural pundit[s] over at "The Humboldt Herald":

"Unpredictable.  Freakish.  Deadly.

Mariners at the mouth of Humboldt Bay have witnessed calm, glassy waters turn violent with no warning. Others saw the warnings but overestimated their ability to navigate the waves.

The stories in Jon Humboldt Gates’ bookNight Crossings will have you clutching your life jacket and feeling humbled before the awesome power of the Pacific."

Excerpted from the book's jacket:

"At night, a harbor entrance becomes a dark and unpredictable corridor.  One of the most dangerous harbor crossings in North America is the entrance to Humboldt Bay.  For years, mariners have traded tales of shipwrecks and narrow escapes on the bar.  The five stories retold here are the recollections of sailors who survived the shifting winds and treacherous waters.  In 1933, two teenagers pilot a small sailboat on a midnight adventure.  Forty years later, Christmas Eve turns into a nightmare for the fishermen aboard the LADY FAME. Theirs are two of the voices that evoke the haunting uncertainty of a night crossing."

On a day with 20-foot waves during a swell season that's taken too many lives, we spoke with author Jon Humboldt Gates about his book Night Crossings, the VW the ocean swallowed, and the pure horsepower of one 15-foot wave. 

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