Rail/Trail Forum at HSU

Cliff Berkowitz / Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013 @ 8:09 a.m. / Activism

Last night in the College Creek Great Hall on the campus of HSU was the 9th annual Victor T. Schaub Memorial Lecture on Local Politics. The topic was Rails & Trails and the future of the Humboldt Bay Rail Corridor. I (Cliff Berkowitz) moderated this discussion which included Bill Kier of the North Coast Rail Road Authority (NCRA), Judy Hodgson, publisher of the North Coast Journal and Bay Trail Advocate, Dan Hauser, former Arcata City Council member, State Assemblyman, and former NCRA member, and Sam Pennisi, former Mayor of Arcata. The history of the rail line, both sides of the augment and compromise worked out between the NCRA and Trail Advocates are discussed in depth.  Below you will find a full recording of the event.  The quality is fair but is listenable.