Crowdfunding An Escape

Mike Dronkers / Monday, Dec. 16, 2013 @ 1:25 p.m. / PSA

According to a GoFundMe site, a local woman needs financial help getting away from an abusive relationship.  

"Our sweet and loving friend Edith is in the process of removing herself from an abusive husband. She meets with with an attorney THIS Wednesday (12/18) and needs to have a $5000 retainer by then in order secure an attorney.

Edith is currently in an extremely difficult situation and is seeking to file for divorce. The backstory is disturbing and involves a restraining order. For details please reach out to her.

Edith is in a position where she feels like she has no choice but to turn to friends and family for support. She needs a lawyer, and she needs a hefty retainer to pay that lawyer and she needs it yesterday. When she told me what was going on, how scared she is, and how desperate she feels, not only could I relate to her situation, but I knew others would as well."

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