In Studio: Free Rain

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013 @ 2:56 p.m. /

Arcata's Free Rain made their KHUM debut today, unleashing almost all of their post-rock analog funk live on the air. They saved some, though, because they play with Monophonics on Friday at the Jambalaya. Hear Free Rain's live album here, and enjoy their live KHUM set below. 

Free Rain live on KHUM


Lead guitar: Piet Dalmolien. Superpower: able to hear mid-range frequencies inaudible to most humans

Drums: Tommy Fitzmaurice. Superpower: can put a grownup in time-out with just a glare

Keyboards: Tomek Zajaczkowski. Superpower: superspeed texting

Bass: Aaron Drago. Superpower: Trains bees to skywrite in formation [windy days excluded]