Chandelier For A Near-Beer

Mike Dronkers / Friday, Aug. 16, 2013 @ 10:24 a.m. / Community

Since you insist on only the most majestic lighting fixtures in your opulent estate, we at You And Meme (weekdays, 10am-2pm) are going to hook you up with this slightly-used chandelier. 

And it can be yours for as little as one non-alcoholic beer. 

We start the bidding at one near-beer. However, if you have a curio that you think is more valuable than an O'Douls, leave your bid in the comments section below or call 786-5486 before 1:30 today. Could be a stuffed ferret. Could be a single cleat from Ricky Henderson's shoe.

Whatever odd or end you want to trade is up to you, but it must be smaller than a magnum wine bottle.

To be clear, this is a trade that KHUM is assisting with, and you'll have to pick up your new chandelier in Eureka's prestigious Carson Heights neighborhood.