Tsunami Debris In Crescent City?

Mike Dronkers / Monday, April 8, 2013 @ 12:09 p.m. / KHUM, Ocean

(Photos from Del Norte County Office of Emergency Services.)

A 20-foot mystery skiff washed ashore in Crescent City, NOAA's Keeley Belva told KHUM. Del Norte County Sheriff's office has now removed the boat, she said. "NOAA is going to work with the consulate in San Francisco to attempt to determine if the vessel is from the Japan tsunami."


If you believe you've encountered tsunami debris, be careful with it. Experts say that while unlikely to be dangerously radioactive, it may have invasive species, human remains, or other things that you just don't want to casually handle. 

Check here for Humboldt Baykeeper's debris-handling tips, then peek at NOAA's debris map here. If you think you've found tsunami debris, report it to DisasterDebris@noaa.gov.