Pot Cops: Did They Get It Right?

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, April 4, 2013 @ 11:26 a.m. / Marijuana and/or Cannabis

Did you watch Discovery Channel's latest show about marijuana last night?

If you missed it,  watch it here. It shows law enforcement's side of the marijuana busts we read about almost daily. Last night focused on this Showers Pass bust, this Fortuna bust, and this one in Hoopa. So what did you think? 

Twitter's reaction was largely unfavorable: 

its pretty boss you watching TV show up and you watch your neighbor arrest your other neighbor for growing weed #Humboldt #potcops

— Arthur Hilfiker (@AHilfiker) April 4, 2013

#potcops is the stupidest show ever.. there are way more things to worry about in this country then people growing marijuana. #truth

— Matt Bakita(@_Chak00ter) April 4, 2013

"Growing is the new gold rush for California." Smartest thing I've heard in a while. #POTCOPS

— Angel (@angelpeee) April 4, 2013

Mexican drug cartels invade far-north California - Preview @discovery #PotCops tvfirstlook.com/2013/04/previe…

— TVFirstLook (@TVFirstLook) April 3, 2013