Photo Essay: A Day In The Life Of KHUM

Mike Dronkers / Friday, Sept. 28, 2012 @ 10:59 a.m. / photo



A few months ago, photographer/KHUM listener Leon Villagomez asked if he could hang out for a day. His goal: capture the essence of KHUM with pictures. We said, "sure!"

Then, wedding-photography season hit, schedules fell apart. Fast forward to Tuesday, a typical day at the KHUM compound. See some photos at his blog, and see the rest in the Facebook Album. 

Says Villagomez:

Everything can happen here and I was able to check it out last Tuesday...

My day started shooting the show ‘You & Meme’, hosted by the hilarious and spontaneous DJ Mike Dronkers, who is also the music and program director of the station. While the show was running, there was a surprise visit to the studio by The Shook Twins who ended up playing live and sharing their ‘quirky’ folk music direct from Portland. Absolute fun! 

The shooting continued into ‘Awkward Pause’ hosted by DJ Larry Trask, who drives his show in any direction he wants, leaving the listener never knowing where he’ll take it making it all the more entertaining. During his show, ‘Coyote Grace’ visited the studio, performing a set of their unique mix of bluegrass, folk and country. After their set, my day came to a close; I packed up my equipment and I left the studio with an even better understanding of why they are consistently voted the best radio station in the area.