Dreadlocks Project

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012 @ 11:36 a.m. / Art

Local photographer Leon Villagomez is starting a yearlong photo essay on dreadlocks. After having to cut his hair to get a university job in his native Mexico, he wondered if people could look past the hair. Since then, he's gone through the grow-cut cycle three times.

As a former university dean of administration with a degree in finance, he knows that for better or worse, looks matter. Now residing in dread-friendly Arcata as a photographer, he's letting them grow. The idea behind The Dreadlocks Project, however, isn't about changing the public's view on dreadlocks. 

Everyone is different and unique. Same are dreadlocks, no one equal to another and each has a story. This is what I try to show in each of the images of this project—the personality of each person with dreadlocks I photograph, making each photo unlike the next.

If you have dreads and want your picture taken for the project, email leonfvc at gmail dot com.