In Studio: Kites & Crows 11/18

Mike Dronkers / Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012 @ 4:51 p.m. / Music

This Sunday (11/18) between 9am and 2pm, Lyndsey Battle welcomes Kites and Crows back to the KHUM studio. They perform Sunday night at 8pm at Robert Goodman Tasting Room (21+). 

Last time they were on KHUM, they discussed vintage skateboards, Shakespeare, and throwing Kindles at fans. Listen/read about that set here

"Sweet, philosophical folk songs... an appealing, honest voice,"    - SF Weekly 

Mysha Caruso: guitar, lead vocals, vibraphone

Jesse Baldwin: banjo, accordion, vibraphone, background vocals

Nancy Martin: cello,  vibraphone, lead and background vocals

 Mysha Caruso and Jesse Baldwin of Kites & Crows met and still work together at a famous Shakespeare festival, so it’s probably no coincidence their music has the ability to carry a listener along on a wave of sound the way a Shakespeare sonnet can carry a reader on a wave of words.

Caruso’s lyrics, thoughtful and free of cliches, tell stories of loss and redemption, love, friendship, going away and coming home again. Caruso sings his words confidently over the strains of his acoustic guitar and Baldwin’s banjo and accordion.
Caruso and Baldwin play together like jazz musicians, expertly weaving their instruments and voices into a pleasant folk/indie sound that leaves a listener tapping his fingers and nodding along. - Moscow-Pullman Daily News