KHUM Studio As Clown Car

Larry Trask / Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 @ 1:47 p.m. / Music



How many musicians -- with instruments -- can we fit in the KHUM studio?  We'll find out if that number is at least eight on Thursday when we welcome Seattle's 8-piece afro-funk and world beat orchestra Polyrhythmics into our humble studio here in Ferndale.  Guitar, drums, bass, keys, percussion, trumpet, trombone, tenor sax and flute.  It's gonna be, in a word, massive.  Look, or rather, listen for this around 5pm.

Later Thursday, they'll be playing at the Jambalaya.  On Friday they'll be at the Boom Boom Room in San Fran then at the Caspar Inn on Sunday.  

More about the band here.

Here the audio from the performance