Coastal Currents: High Water

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 @ 9:51 a.m. /

[Photo: Humboldt Baykeeper]

On Nov. 13-16 and Dec. 12-14, the Humboldt Bay area will experience the highest tides of 2012 – known as “King Tides.” Coastal residents are likely to face these conditions with increasing frequency and severity as sea level continues to rise.  

Today on Coastal Currents, Jessica Hall is out on the waters of Humboldt Bay with two coastal engineers from ESA/PWA, Louis White and Carlos Diaz. 

Also on today's show: Humboldt Baykeeper is looking for your highwater photos. If you have a camera or smartphone and can help in the effort, please contact KingTidePhotos@gmail.com or (707)268-8897 to adopt a site.

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"King Tides" are extreme high tide events that occur when the sun and moon's gravitational forces magnify one another.  King Tides tend to be more dramatic in the winter when storms cause increased wind and wave activity along the coast. These high water events hint at how flooding from rising sea levels will impact our beaches, coastal areas and shoreline communities in the not so distant future.

[Photo:Pine Hill Road south of Eureka flooded by Swain Slough/Elk River, 12-20-10. Photo by Aldaron Laird.]