Bay [T]Rail Plan

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, June 26, 2012 @ 4:05 p.m. / Humboldt, Railroad


Trail enthusiasts have been quick to discover a new pro-bay trail website, baytrailplan.org. In plain language, the site lays out a few simple goals and how to the community can achieve them.

While the idea of a safe biking, jogging, and walking trail linking Arcata and Eureka is nothing new, this plan brings together some high-profile community movers and shakers. 

The plan's backers include some high-profile names such as Northcoast Journal publisher Judy Hodgson and Los Bagels' Dennis Rael, whose respective businesses are sponsors of the website.

Stated goals: 

  • To improve community connectivity, mobility and quality of life for the northern Humboldt Bay region with trail and rail improvements.
  • To enhance and increase transportation options between the two largest population centers of the county.
  • To enhance and increase recreational opportunities for residents, and tourism activities for visitors to the North Coast.

In addition to a multi-use trail linking Arcata and Eureka, supporters are also advocating for the improvement of existing tracks between Arcata and Eureka. 

More names are being added to the list of supporters daily. Add your name here.

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