You Don't Look A Day Over 99, HSU

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012 @ 4:36 p.m. /

Our local university is gearing up for what looks to be a yearlong celebration.

From HSU:

HSU Looks Ahead to Centennial Celebration

Humboldt State University will soon mark its 100th year, with a full academic calendar of events and activities to celebrate the milestone.

 The fun starts Aug. 24, 2013 with a Kick-Off Party the Saturday before Fall classes begin. It continues with a variety of activities across campus and in the community, as well as birthday-themed events across the country for alumni. A Centennial-themed Homecoming & Family Weekend will be Sept. 27-28, 2013, and a Founder’s Day Event is planned for April 2014.

 At the May 2013 Commencement Ceremonies, the campus will recognize the Centennial Class. The next year, in May 2014, the campus will recognize the New Century Class.

 “Humboldt State’s Centennial will be a wonderful opportunity to look back at all we have accomplished, and to look forward to a future filled with possibility,” says HSU President Rollin Richmond. “There is such a large community of people who care about HSU, and I hope they find a way to be a part of this celebration.”

 In addition to the major campus-wide events, there will be many special projects and activities throughout the year. These include a Centennial Speakers Series, a documentary video, reunions, showcases of the University’s three Colleges and the Library, a play about Prussian naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt’s life, musical compositions, art pieces, Centennial merchandise and much more.

 The HSU Advancement Foundation Board and the University have also established a series of priorities for charitable support during the Centennial. They are:

 • Student scholarships

• Applied learning, such as internships and undergraduate research with faculty

• Renovation of the Green & Gold Room, the original campus library 

• Creation of Centennial Grove

 The timing of the Centennial Celebration roughly corresponds to significant historical events in the University’s life. Legislation formally creating Humboldt State Normal School was signed on June 16, 1913, and the School opened for classes the next year, in April 2014. Local citizens were instrumental in its founding, lobbying Sacramento and pledging private resources.

 Although events don’t get underway until next fall, there is already a Centennial website and accompanying Facebook page with photos, stories from the past 100 years and information about the celebration. They are at humboldt.edu/100 and Facebook.com/HSU100.

 Members of the extended HSU community are encouraged to share photos and stories from their time at Humboldt State. These memories will be featured throughout the next couple of years online and in print.

 Planning for the Centennial Celebration has been ongoing for the last two years. It has involved focus groups on- and off-campus, individual interviews with alumni and others, and collecting suggestions on a planning website. A Centennial Advisory Group is providing ongoing advice and suggestions.

 These suggestions have also guided development of HSU’s recently unveiled Centennial Logo. It features Founders Hall, the most recognizable and historically important building on campus.

 Follow HSU Centennial online at Humboldt.edu/100 andFacebook.com/HSU100.