Lord Of The Rings Timeline Embedded in OSX

Cliff Berkowitz / Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012 @ 7:46 a.m. / Culture

You gotta love the geeks!  I am a long-time Mac user (since 1984) and a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's work so I was delighted to discover an Easter Egg of a Lord Of The Rings Timeline imbedded into the Mac OSX operating system.  To find it you need to be a bit geeky yourself. However, I will give you the roadmap.  In your Applications folder open the Utilities folder. In that folder you will find a utility called "Terminal." This is a utility for working at the line level in Unix, the underlining system of OSX. Open Terminal and type in this code exactly as written:

cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr  Note: there is a space between cat and the /.  Feel free to copy and paste it from this post.  Not to worry, this will not corrupt your Mac. It's just cool!