Smile Time Radio Hour Variety Programme

Mike Dronkers / Monday, April 30, 2012 @ 4:56 p.m. /

You see how much fun those people are having? That was us and you!

KHUM attempted our first live variety programme, the Smile Time Radio Hour Variety Programme. Radio hasn't seen this sort of formulaic fun since grandma bought her first television set!

What happened? Hosts Larry Trask and myself meandered through an hour chock-full of the below items!

* Music songs from Lyndsey Battle!

* Comedy jokes from Sarah Godlin!

* Hippe-vs-Redneck Trivia Faceoff!

* The whole evening was immortalized in song by Andrew Goff!

A huge 'thanks' to everyone who came out, Dennis the redneck, Jeff the hippie, Lyndsey Battle, DJ Scott and the house band, Sarah Godlin, Andrew Goff, Jen McFerrin, John Matthews, and Ramone's Bakery. 

KHUM Smile Time Variety Hour