Upstage Live: Mason Jennings 10/18/11

KHUM, Radio Without the Rules / Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 @ 2:58 p.m. /

The Upstage Live team welcomed Mason Jennings to the Karshner Lounge at HSU for an evening with one of our all-time favorite people.

It was a wide-ranging chat, meandering from his mediation practice to his love of poet Mary Oliver. 

With his new album Minnesota, Mason Jennings crafts a collage of love trying to survive the transition into being a grown-up in a complex world.

Hear the session.


As always, a select group of listeners constituted the studio audience. Thanks to them and to Wildberries Marketplace and Streamguys.com for their support of Upstage Live!


“Love is the most important thing to me, my relationship with my wife and kids,” Mason says, adding “And music has always been as important as breathing to me. I have come to realize that to have it all, I have to take the long view when it comes to integrating all these parts of my life.” 



Photos: Emily McLongstreet