Adoptable Dog Alert

Mike Dronkers / Friday, May 6, 2011 @ 10:41 a.m. /

Remember last month when a good samaritan had taken an injured dog over to the vet? 

Remember that the vet took the dog in even without any payment?

Remember KHUM trying to locate the owner to come collect the injured pooch?

Well, after being rolled over by a truck and undergoing emergency lifesaving surgery, Hank is lucky to be alive!  He is a two year-old male neutered yellow lab.


He has LOTS of energy, which is to be expected with any 2 year old lab. He is good with cats, kids and other dogs.

He is quite smart but has not had much in the way of training, and is a little unruly as a result. Myrtle Avenue Vet Clinic encourages anyone who is interested in Hank to come meet him! He loves visitors.

Myrtle Avenue Veterinary Hospital, 2715 Hubbard Lane.  (707) 443-8686