Road Closure Cluster

Mike Dronkers / Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 8:29 p.m. /

UPDATE 7:58 3/28/11

According to a local Facebook Page moderated by reliable sources, the road is open and school buses are running. 

A Twitter feed, @SohumAwareness, has been set up to provide fast updates which can be sent to your mobile device for free. 


UPDATE 1:19 3/27/11

Redheaded Blackbelt seems to have the best info first, so do check in with her.  

KMUD is reporting 1 1/2 hour delays w/ pilot car assist on (Old?) Briceland road detour.


US 101

DOT is saying Highway 101 is reopened with controlled traffic north of Legget due to a rock slide.  Remember to check this site or call 1-800-GAS-ROAD before heading out. 


According to Kym Kemp, life is about to get extremely inconveniet for Briceland Road users. (See photo)

"The road is gone," Kim Sallaway was quoted as saying.  "There is no road. They hope to rebuild one lane by early in the week for controlled traffic. The repair will take more than a year. It will be very inconvenient.”

For NoHum folks unfamiliar with that area, Dewitte Grove (formerly Whittemore Grove) is just west of Redway as you cross the Eel.  It means that if you're going to Briceland, King Range, Shelter Cove, Whitethorn, etc, you have a problem. Old Briceland road will work, but use extreme caution.

No official word on when it will open, but when it does, expect delays and perhaps law enforcement.  

(Photo: Kim Sallaway)