Upstage Live: Catie Curtis Sunday March 20th

KHUM, Radio Without the Rules / Monday, March 14, 2011 @ 11:05 a.m. /

Join Catie Curtis and KHUM for another episode of Upstage Live on Sunday at the Arcata Playhouse! 

Broadcast/web videocast begins at 8 p.m. Watch live at KHUM.com, or tune into KHUM at 104.3/104.7 FM.

As part of our live studio audience, you’ll experience the vision and artistry of people who inspire us with their passion and connect us through their stories.

"Upstage Live is about brain catnip. We want to get people thinking by bridging the gap between creator and audience," is how KHUM Music Director Mike Dronkers describes the event

Be a part of the studio audience by getting your tickets and Wildwood Music, the Works, and here.

Upstage Live is generously supported by Wildberries Marketplace in Arcata.