In Studio: Kites & Crows

Mike Dronkers / Monday, June 20, 2011 @ 3:04 p.m. /

Ashland's Kites & Crows performed live on Mike Dronkers' program on 6/20/11.

With acoustic guitar, cello, banjo, accordion, and vibraphone, Kites & Crows create gentle soundscapes beneath thoughtful lyrics and rich harmony. 

In this session, they discuss vintage skateboards, Shakespeare, and throwing Kindles at fans. 

They perform at Robert Goodman wines tonight at 6pm.

Mysha Caruso: guitar, lead vocals, vibraphone

Jesse Baldwin: banjo, accordion, vibraphone, background vocals

Nancy Martin: cello,  vibraphone, lead and background vocals

Kites and Crows on KHUM